Shopping for Supplies? Looking for sample drams, roller bottles, books, carrying cases, pop-up banners and more? Here is our list of suggested accessory suppliers for your use of doTERRA essential oils. Aromatools Oil Life Share Oils My Oil Gear Oil BusinessRead More →

WHAT WOULD YOU BE FREE TO GIVE… of your talents, your time, your money, if you were financially FREE? What would it feel like to have ZERO DEBT in your life?  Would you like to learn how to make that happen as you build a doTERRA business? doTERRA has createdRead More →

Zytos Compass Scanner I’ve used the Zytos Compass scanner personally and professionally at my wellness center and at home for years. It’s a great tool that uses galvanic skin response readings from a scanning device attached to your computer. An individual gets a 3-minute scan which tells you & them,Read More →

There are so many options to get quality diffusers into all the rooms of your home, car or office. doTERRA’s diffusers are a great investment and long lasting. But sometimes we want to have many diffusers around the house and our budget may not allow for all of them toRead More →

Empower Yourself with Essential Oil SCIENCE! doTERRA offers us so many ways to learn more about the science behind the essential oils, blends and wellness products they offer.  The doTERRA mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and related natural wellness products. TheyRead More →

Begin with Navigating your path through doTERRA is most easily begun at the company’s website.  You’ll find answers about products, the company, it’s mission, and all types of resources for you as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.  The content is ever-expanding and being updated, so consider using theRead More →