Our dōTERRA Journey

Jim and I are thrilled to have thousands of teammates around the world who like you, have chosen to use dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products in their homes and lives.

What we attracted simply by using oils, sharing the knowledge we’ve gained, and encouraging others to do the same has been amazing! In just four years I reached the rank of Diamond team leader on a part-time basis. Now with my husband, Jim, by my side full time, we’ve gone on to Blue Diamond status with dōTERRA, and have people from all walks of life, every state in the US, and other countries as part of our In2Oils dōTERRA team.

Some of our team members have decided to share the oils with others, begin building a part-time doTERRA business, and eventually to lead a team. Many of us have found that sharing doTERRA is a FUN business where we teach one another in individual and group gatherings, on the phone and online, as well as at training retreats and conventions.

Jim and I are 100% committed to cultivating an appreciation of this earth and its peoples— connecting with others and deepening our understanding within, and around, our world. We believe each of us is here to use our authentic gifts to discover our purpose in this lifetime.

We are so grateful that you have decided to empower yourself with a wellness lifestyle and use doTERRA’s highest-quality CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and wellness products in your home. Enjoy discovering what doTERRA offers you on your life’s journey and stay connected with us over the years ahead as we all learn and grow together!

Essentially Yours— Marty Harger



About Jim

Jim is the foundation of all that we offer our teammates—a solid, steady, patient, and kind human being who does an amazing job at organizing and coordinating the details that make our businesses run smoothly. He is smart and effective. When he commits to a project, he takes it on 100% and does what he says he will do for you. Jim has studied key thought leaders in the personal development world since he was a teenager. He follows their advice in all his actions and interactions, which is why everyone finds him such a joy to work with and be around.

Jim heads up our team’s on-going essential oil, wellness product and business building training efforts including our weekly online calls, in-person training, retreats and webinars. He also joined me as one of doTERRA’s Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructors so we can help you and your local teammates learn to incorporate this powerful hands-on technique into your health routine at home.

Jim’s successful career began in the airline industry and moved into 25+ years in technology sales. A few years ago, Jim and I made a plan and commitment to bring him into our dōTERRA business full-time so that we could finally spend our lives together instead of on separate work paths. Since he joined me full-time in our dōTERRA businesses in 2015 our business has thrived! We love spending these vibrant and exciting years together in our marriage—whether in the mountain home we love, or on the road teaching others about the possibilities that await their effort. Jim joins me to help you reach your dreams with doTERRA!


About Marty

My path in this whole arena of natural health and wellness began when I decided to leave a successful and lucrative corporate career to do something that felt more real and honest. I was craving true connection with others on a much deeper level.

In service of these goals I became a massage therapist and a wellness center owner. Throughout the next 15+ years I committed myself to opening my community’s mind to alternative and complementary therapies that bring out our healthiest self. That’s how I discovered essential oils and eventually the dōTERRA essential oils that are at the core of my natural health-related businesses.

My wellness center is no longer limited to a little blue house in a rural, mountain town. Instead, my ‘center’ travels wherever the need takes me. My specialty has become the safe and effective use of dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products—truly the highest quality essential oils in the world.


Through classes, workshops, and individual conversations, I teach people how to incorporate dōTERRA’s oils and products into their lifestyle through healthy nutrition, moving their bodies, relaxation, stress relief, and ideas to reduce toxins in and around their bodies and homes.
Since I became a Wellness Advocate in 2008, I have worked with doTERRA members in the US, Canada, and in other international countries to build a substantial dōTERRA team of customers and business builders. The result has been our joy in attaining one of the company’s top ranks as a Blue Diamonds—something achieved by less than 1% of dōTERRA’s 5,500,000+ members.

An entrepreneur at heart, here are some of the other essential oil based ventures I’ve created in recent years:


The EssentialYoga Program

Along with three of our teammates, I co- authored a successful book called The EssentialYoga Program about the use of dōTERRA essential oils in monthly yoga workshops designed to deepen and enhance the practice as well as one’s consciousness on and off the mat.

For more information on this great approach to oils with yoga, visit www.martyharger.com/yoga

Pick up a copy at Aromatools.com  or on Amazon.com




Essential Yoga Academy

My online yoga and oils training program the EssentialYoga Academy, helps those doTERRA Wellness Advocates with a passion for teaching about the oils and practicing yoga to step into their role of influence as the natural health guides for their community and build a successful doTERRA business.

This program is available to any doTERRA member, and provides specific training, tools and ideas that you can implement now, to grow your team.

To learn more about the EssentialYoga Academy and what it may offer you, visit my website at www.martyharger.com/yoga.


Essential Earth Explorations

Essential Earth Explorations is a business I created to offer group tours to discover essential oil production in international destinations, expand cross-cultural understanding, and experience profound joy by providing service to those in need.

Past trips have included destinations such as Costa Rica, Oregon, Canada and Italy. Contact Marty for more information on upcoming adventures!


About You & Our Team

We would love to help you discover your true nature through nature to create your most magnificent and vibrant life with doTERRA. It’s up to you. Here on our website, on our team’s social media pages, our regular emails and whenever we gather in person, we offer a myriad of opportunities for you to learn and get involved with us and doTERRA at whatever level of interest you may have.

Our goal is to continue to create a learning, thriving, INSPIRED community of like-minded people committed to using doTERRA’s natural approach to maintain their good health, and to encourage others to do the same.

Thank you for joining us on this fun and fascinating doTERRA journey!