Things can happen and if it’s been more than a year since you placed your last order with doTERRA, your account will no longer be “active.”

Good news! You can re-enroll as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate at any time to receive wholesale pricing, monthly specials, participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program, and be eligible for doTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month with these simple steps:


1 – Decide which month you want to place your first order and what you want to order. NOTE: You must re-activate AND place that first order within 48 hours of reactivating AND in the same calendar month.

2- CALL doTERRA Member Services at 800-411-8151 and verify your name, address and a few other details so they can pull up your de-activated account. They can either take your order right then over the phone or send you an email so you can go online IN THE SAME CALENDAR MONTH and place your first order.

The doTERRA member services representative will ask you to verify that you want to keep your same ENROLLER and SPONSOR so you will be returned to the same doTERRA team you began with. The Enroller is the person who helped you enroll with doTERRA; the Sponsor is the team member under whom you are placed in the team.

doTERRA will ask you if you also want to re-activate as either:

a) Wholesale Customer, which gives you the benefit of wholesale pricing and participation in the Loyalty Rewards Program if you choose. Working with your Enroller and/or Sponsor, you may decide to upgrade your membership to become a Wellness Advocate and be eligible to be moved to a new spot on your Enroller’s team.

b) Wellness Advocate with the same purchasing privileges as a Wholesale Customer, and the additional benefit of providing doTERRA with your Social Security Number to be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses as you share the oils and create an income building a doTERRA team. If you re-activate as a Wellness Advocate, you will be reinstated with your former Enroller and Sponsor for the duration of your “active” status as a Wellness Advocate.

The date of your first order will become your new, annual renewal date for membership.

NOTE: Your first order will also include your $25 annual membership fee. For this fee, you will receive a FREE 15ml bottle of doTERRA Peppermint essential oil and access to your Back Office for future online orders and savings over the next 12 months.

3– Welcome back! Now let’s get you back into our team activities and training so you can really enjoy these oils and wellness products!


Changing Your Enroller or Sponsor When You Re-Enroll

If there is a reason you want to change your Enroller or Sponsor in doTERRA, you will not be able to do this by phone. It may take a week or more to complete this process, so please leave ample time in your calendar month to get this done and your first order placed.

With your Member Number in hand (call Member Services and they can find it for you), you need to send an email using the email account that doTERRA has on file for you to and fill in the EXACT format shown below in your email.

doTERRA’s Placements Department will email you back when you have been moved and reinstated. You must then place your first order IN THE SAME CALENDAR MONTH if you want to stay reinstated and avoid repeating this process the following month.

I would like to reinstate my account #_____________ and move my (Enroller) and/or (Sponsor) as indicated below. Please let me know when this is complete so I can place my first order this month.

Wholesale Customer/Wellness Advocate requesting change: (Insert your name and member number here) Wholesale Customer/Wellness Advocate to be moved: (insert your name and member number here)

New Enroller: (Insert name and member number here or If no change, insert “none”) New Sponsor: (Insert name and member number here or If no change, Insert “none”)



Contact the person who enrolled you in doTERRA, or your last upline Sponsor and they can help facilitate your re- instatement into their team.