Scanners for Beneficial Oils and Products

Zytos Compass Scanner

I’ve used the Zytos Compass scanner personally and professionally at my wellness center and at home for years. It’s a great tool that uses galvanic skin response readings from a scanning device attached to your computer. An individual gets a 3-minute scan which tells you & them, which doTERRA essential oils, blends, and nutritional supplements could benefit them most at this time. Scans are suggested every 3-4 weeks and make a great tool to introduce others to oils that support them emotionally and physically.  I use the scan results and provide a “reading” from common reference books, so the person gets a better idea of WHY those products were suggested.

Some doTERRA Wellness Advocates use a scanner for teammates after they enroll, some offer a scan to those who come early to an event, other provide them at trade shows or team gatherings.  Fees for a Zytos Compass scanner are $399 for the initial investment and $39 per month for the licensing fee that can be shared between two computers or users.

I’ve found it a handy tool – although those who use muscle testing or pendulum testing tend to get similar results with readings done using those methods.

For pricing, a referral program and more information, contact me via email at

How The Compass Works

Tired of Guessing About What Oils to Suggest?


iTovi Scanners

Many of our team’s Wellness Advocates have purchased a handy iTovi Health and Wellness Scanner. This simple hand-held tool records suggested oils and products on your phone, so no computer needed. Also a very effective choice for use with children and pets as you hold the scanner up to the person for a reading, or have them clasp it in their hand.

This is a referral-based scanner as well with rewarding discounts for the person from whom you purchase your equipment. Talk to your Enroller or Sponsor to see if they have an iTovi Scanner and would like you to purchase through them.  You can then encourage those for whom you think this is an appropriate tool, to do the same through  you once you have your own scanner.  If you are unsure who to talk to…contact for a suggestion.