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doTERRA offers us so many ways to learn more about the science behind the essential oils, blends and wellness products they offer.  The doTERRA mission hinges on discovering and developing the world’s highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils and related natural wellness products. They accomplish this with a strong team of in-house scientists as well as highly accomplished scientific and medical advisors. They also stay at the forefront of scientific advances by partnering with selected academic, industry and medical institutions. Learn all about doTERRA’s commitment to natural, science-based solutions at:

Here are some GREAT resources for you to review:

Looking to further your knowledge on appropriate oils use and selection? doTERRA’s website provides access to all types of relevant information. In addition, you may want to visit the Aromatic Plant Research Center at where you will discover information about research, testing and publications on essential oil production and use.  We also suggest you keep up with posts on the doTERRA Science Blog and doTERRA Science Facebook page.


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