AromaTouch Technique STUDY

Creating a Viable Study with the AromaTouch Technique

In July 2017, select members of our doTERRA team who had ALREADY BEEN CERTIFIED in the doTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique, decided to use a proven approach to expand their team by conducting a month-long AromaTouch Technique study.  Marty Harger created this approach in 2012 to learn more about the impact of the Technique, enroll some new teammates, and has used it successfully for many years.  Below you will find all the materials necessary to conduct your own study.  Please contact Marty with questions and for clarification.  Good luck with your study!

STEP 1 – Watch the AromaTouch Technique Study Overview

STEP 2 : Watch the LAUNCH Call Recording

Password = Aromatouch

STEP 3: Listen to Participant Experiences and Suggestions

Password = Aromatouch

STEP 4: Discover What Happened During the Study

Password = Aromatouch


STEP 5: MATERIALS for you to get started conducting your own study:

Sample Planning Calendar and Timeline:  July 2017 Calendar

AromaTouch Technique Study Scripts

ATT Handout

062717 ATT Consent Form

062717 ATT Pre and Post Survey

Important Links

Follow Up Email to people in study

July 2017 AromaTouch Technique Study Results – Participants