Inexpensive Diffusers

There are so many options to get quality diffusers into all the rooms of your home, car or office. doTERRA’s diffusers are a great investment and long lasting.

But sometimes we want to have many diffusers around the house and our budget may not allow for all of them to be doTERRA’s top quality. When seeking an affordable alternative, why not connect with some local friends and go in on a wholesale purchase of some very affordable diffusers through our relationship with SpaRoom Diffusers. 

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Diffusers make great gifts for:

  • New doTERRA team member welcome gift
  • Prize drawings or giveaways for charities
  • Holidays and birthdays
  • Teacher thank you
  • Employee recognition
  • New home owners or neighbors
  • Surprise gifts for friends

Take a look at all the options you can choose from and find just the right style for you!