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Empowered Success is a complete business builder learning system provided by doTERRA right at your fingertips, and embraced by all the company’s key leaders.  Combining years of experience, doTERRA’s top achievers created this NEW and refined program for all of us to use in creating our doTERRA team and duplicating our efforts.  When you go to, you will see the icons below. Click on each one to download a FREE guide you can share with others electronically, order printed copies for handouts and training, as well as related video training content you and your team can use to take you to the next step.

Coaching & Guidance

Our team has excellent business leaders in your upline who are happy to help coach and mentor you in your doTERRA journey.  Make sure you connect with them right away to get started! Also, join in our team trainings offered frequently and our Facebook Inspiration Nation page to stay current in your knowledge and inspired in your actions!  Throughout this website, you’ll be able to tap into the knowledge gathered over the years by so many successful leaders in our doTERRA team.  Don’t miss out…click around and discover what awaits YOU in doTERRA!


doTERRA’s Business Advancement Team is committed to assisting Wellness Advocates who are between the ranks of Consultant and Premier and want to advance their business. This team can assist these Advocates regarding:

  • Provide accurate education and maximizing doTERRA’s compensation plan
  • Educate Wellness Advocates on Placement’s policy and processes to request Placements*
  • Provide Wellness Advocates with the most up-to-date information

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doTERRA’s Leader Account Management Team supports those Wellness Advocates who reach the rank of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and beyond.  They assist leaders with:

  • Goal setting and strategic conversations
  • Explain and help maximize the compensation plan
  • Rank qualifications commission inquiries: qualifications, paid compensations and exceptions
  • Assist Silver and above ranks with their personal accounts

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