My journey with doTERRA started a little over 4 years ago. I sat in a living room just like you wondering how these oils and products could possibly support my husband’s occasional joint and muscle soreness that he endured from a work related incident along with the stress of losingRead More →

I am still not comfortable standing up in front of a large crowd, but the truth is that I want to yell my success with the LifeLong Vitality pack from the rooftops.  It really has had a profound impact on my health and my family life.  I had been injuredRead More →

As a yoga and dance fitness studio owner, I teach multiple classes daily. I was a professional dancer in my youth and my knees paid the price for all my years of hard work.  At my studio each week I teach back to back dance classes and would often haveRead More →

While in Massage Therapy school, 20 years ago, I had occasional skin discomfort on my arm that needed soothing, which didn’t allow me to participate in class.  I also, had experienced this several times before. I was upset and dreading the upcoming week. My classmate offered an essential oil, calledRead More →

Aprell Foster I started using doTERRA essential oils after Suzy Howard, introduced them to me, about 2 1/2 years ago. Suzy and I were in a scrapbooking class and I always saw her passing around little vials to the ladies that were “power surging”.  I asked her what it wasRead More →