Your Enroller or Upline Sponsor

When you became a doTERRA Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, someone you know enrolled you. You also were placed on a team under a leader who can help you get oriented and answer your questions. Please feelfree to reach out to those key people in your doTERRA “family” for ideas, information and the resources you need to thrive with the oils, wellness products and business opportunity!


doTERRA Member Services

800-411-8151 is the most important number to keep handy. dōTERRA’s Customer Service team can answer your order inquiries, commission questions, resolve issues, and provide general support by serving as your direct connection to company headquarters. You can call them, email them at, or hop on your Virtual Office to chat with a live agent.

Your “Back Office” or “Virtual Office”

One of your Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate membership benefits is your free, password-protected Virtual Office that is accessible only by using your Membership Number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here you will be able to place all your orders at wholesale pricing using the Loyalty Reward Program, create a Standard Order, check on special offers. If you are a WELLNESS ADVOCATE you can check on the activities of your dōTERRA team.

The website is THE entryway to everything about doTERRA: the company, its products, scientific information, charitable efforts, training for product users and business builders and more. It all starts here!


Scientific Research on Essential Oils

Looking to further your knowledge on appropriate oils use and selection? doTERRA’s website provides access to all types of relevant information. In addition, you may want to visit the Aromatic Plant Research Center at where you will discover information about research, testing and publications on essential oil production and use. We also suggest you keep up with posts on the doTERRA Science Blog and doTERRA Science Facebook page. See links on our website to get connected!


doTERRA Social Media

You’ll find dōTERRA International, dōTERRA Business and dōTERRA Science on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  Daily posts, contests, product updates, recipes, remedies and more are truly worth following on your favorite social media platform(s).


IN2OILS Team (Harger’s) Social Media

We offer you regular interaction on our team’s SECRET Facebook pages. Ask the person who enrolled you to add you to the page(s) of interest so you can get in on all the latest news! Our 2 pages include: In2Oils page for fun and educational interaction on essential oil and wellness product use. Inspiration Nation for those who want to build an income by teaching others about doTERRA oils and products.



APPS OILS & PRODUCT TIPS: Download the FREE dōTERRA Daily Dropphone app for a one minute daily video featuring essential oil and wellness product usage ideas right at your fingertips!

VIRTUAL OFFICE ON-THE-GO: Download the FREE dōTERRA InfoTraxphone app for your Virtual Office. It’s very handy to have in your pocket or purse to explain products, shop, check up on your team, or enroll a new team member!



Contact Marty Harger at or Jim Harger at