Show Gratitude with the AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a powerful, hands-on therapeutic approach that uses doTERRA essential oils to allow others to truly relax, support a healthy immune and inflammatory response and help get their nervous system back in balance.

We hope you decide to attend an AromaTouch Technique Certification class when one is offered near you. 

Jim and Marty Harger are both Certified Instructors for doTERRA and therefore can help provide one of the all-day workshops in your area with a commitment of at least 15 people.

IMG_2478Our recent training classes have been so much fun, and cover MUCH more than just the Technique during our time together. We have personally experienced the nearly immediate transformation in both physical and emotional relief the Technique provides, and have witnessed the same for the hundreds of participants that have attended our Certification workshops.

Friends, clients and family have all experienced the rapid and profound effects of this Technique you can learn in our one-day workshop – without ANY prior experience with the oils or hands-on approaches.

1 – CONVENIENT TRAINING – Learn an effective and powerful therapeutic approach using doTERRA oils to help other stay well and heal when you attend a workshop near you.

2 – GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH – Know WHY the technique and specific oils, as taught, have so much impact each time you give a session.

3 – TOOLS YOU WILL NEED – Receive all the tools you need to give the AromaTouch session: oils and blends, Fractionated Coconut Oil, workbook, special training materials, experience and knowledge!

4 – LEARNING STICKS WITH YOU- Through observation, giving and receiving the session during class, you will be confident to perform this simple but impactful technique. The AromaTouch Technique was designed by doTERRA’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Hill for home use. ANYONE can learn it – you do NOT have to be licensed health professional to provide this Technique to family and friends safely and effectively.

5 – MAKE A DIFFERENCE – When you learn the true AromaTouch Technique as it was developed, you will acquire a gift you can provide for years to come to those you know and love. Come discover how the AromaTouch Technique is changing the world – one session at a time.


“As an aromatherapist, I am always looking for more ways to improve the quality of service that I offer my clients. Having just been introduced to the doTERRA oils it was important to me to learn and understand the proper way to use them. I have used other oils in my practice and other techniques for applying them. After taking the AROMATOUCH workshop and becoming certified to use this technique properly I feel more confident that I will be improving the essential oils experience for my clients. The difference was amazing for me, and having used essential oils for over 25 years, that’s pretty significant. For the past few weeks, I have been using the AROMATOUCH technique and the doTERRA oils on my clients, I have better results. I can see and smell the difference. And better yet, my clients can tell the difference. Another important component of doTERRA is that you get support from real, highly educated people, that helps me tremendously also. They are there to answer and assist you always. YEAH doTERRA.” Lora Stark, Fort Lauderdale, FL
“The AromaTouch technique has impacted me personally by providing an amazingly beneficially treatment for my mother in law who has a very serious and challenging health condition. After just three AromaTouch sessions, her appetite improved and her energy level increased! Her exact words after her first session, ‘that was worth five hundred dollars.’ It was such a wonderful experience to be able to give her some relief.

Professionally the AromaTouch Technique has impacted me by giving a new found confidence in sharing the oils. I now have the scientific knowledge behind the technique and can explain exactly what the oils are doing to the body. And it makes sharing the oils so easy! Who doesn’t want a free ‘massage’! The fact that people can learn the technique so easily themselves makes it a great introduction to the oils!”
Lyndsy Sobolewski, Toole, UT
“The AromaTouch Technique has been beneficial to me both personally and professionally. After receiving an AromaTouch session, I noticed that I felt very calm, but not tired or out of it like when I have come out of a traditional massage. Shortly after my session, I felt a growing sense of energy, focus and continued calm. I have continued to trade these sessions with others trained in this technique because of these benefits. In addition, I am enjoying empowering others to take their health care into their own hands by training family members and others to give these sessions to one another. Professionally, I have been giving complimentary AromaTouch complimentary sessions. Everyone that has received one has gotten off the table with a positive response.” — Renee Siegel, MA, LISAC, NCGC-II, BACC, LMT – Scottsdale, AZ
“The AromaTouch Technique, although so new in my life, has had some fantastic influence. I feel as though I can reach out to people in a much deeper way with the oils beyond having an event. It is something tactile, (although most people can’t really explain the effect!) that people can latch on to. They get to experience the strong therapeutic effect first-hand. I also feel that by giving a session I contribute in some way to a strong positive energy…that I am creating strong positive energy.

For my personal benefit I am becoming more confident with every session I give. Not only do I become confident in my technique but I become more confident in my character..(something I tend to struggle with)”
— Lisa Fountain, Park City, UT
We look forward to having you join a doTERRA AromaTouch Certification workshop!

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It will be a WONDERFUL experience!


Learn how doTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique can be used to express gratitude.  Certified AromaTouch Technique Instructor and doTERRA Blue Diamond, Marty Harger, covers key points about the Technique and how you can serve the world with this approach.  23 minute webinar.