Suggested Reading, Listening & Viewing for Leaders

Leaders are Learners!

Wondering where to begin with your Personal Development to become a BETTER leader this week or month than last?  Invest 15 – 30 minutes EACH day to build the kind of leader who attracts others. Start by selecting from this list of our favorites —often available at your local library, online, on Audible and at bookstores everywhere.

Start your day in a favorite chair and read a few pages.  Download and listen while you prepare a meal or drive to and from work.  Watch something online at day’s end. You will be amazed what you’ll learn and who you will become as a leader, in time.

This daily habit will truly make all the difference in YOU, and therefore in your business growth.

(Compiled by Jim Harger 061416)

Suggested Reading Listening & Viewing – 06-14-16

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