Team Member Story: Michelle Neuner

While in Massage Therapy school, 20 years ago, I had occasional skin discomfort on my arm that needed soothing, which didn’t allow me to participate in class.  I also, had experienced this several times before. I was upset and dreading the upcoming week. My classmate offered an essential oil, called Melaleuca.  She explained what it was, showed me how to use it and let me take it home to continue the use, which I did.  The next day, I woke to find that the skin discomfort contained and restored.  I was thrilled!!  And then I was a little angry.  I had this issue for years with Calamine lotion and oatmeal baths.  Neither of which, were effective.  Why didn’t my Mom know?

I had this amazing wonderful, experience and continue, to this day to use Melaleuca for any skin issue.  I really wanted to understand and personally use other essential oils.  I tried different kinds and different brands, but never had any positive experiences.  I didn’t understand why, I just knew that I didn’t like the way they smelled and they were not effective.

Then, five years ago I was introduced to doTERRA.  I was attending a Massage Therapy Conference and walked into this huge ballroom and all I could smell was Wild Orange!  I had to have it!!  This scent was being diffused and I walked over and stuck my face in the diffuser and inhaled as much as I possibly could.  Exhaled and repeated!  It was a clean and crisp smell.  Did I mention, I had to have it!!

The Wellness Advocate there, my now friend Marty Harger, told me that doTERRA oils because of their purity and potency, could be used as part of one’s wellness plan.  This is what I was looking for.  I smelled all of the oils.  They were all amazing and I knew from the quality of the scent, that she was right!  I ordered a kit and began my essential oil journey.

I had no intention of sharing them with friends and family, but I did.  I had no intention of sharing them with my clients, but I did.  I had no intention of hosting classes and teaching, but I did.  And I continue to share these oils and teach because they are a gift!  I didn’t know about them, until my classmate and later Marty shared them with me.  I want to do that for you!