Team Member Story: Molly Craig

As a yoga and dance fitness studio owner, I teach multiple classes daily. I was a professional dancer in my youth and my knees paid the price for all my years of hard work.  At my studio each week I teach back to back dance classes and would often have to wear knee braces on both knees to finish instructing the night class only to show up the next morning and teach again. When doTERRA essential oils were offered to provide a comforting sensation, I couldn’t imagine how they would work but tried it anyway. I was AMAZED!  When I finished a “double knee brace night”, I massaged AromaTouch, Lemongrass and Deep Blue Rub to both knees before going to bed and then again in the morning. Each time I felt the oils’ soothing and cooling effect.  I was able to teach the morning class without discomfort or knee braces. Deep Blue Rub is perfect for athletes.


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Even more surprising was my recent realization that I had stopped using the oil regimen on my knees altogether. When I created a timeline for when I last used the oils on my knees, I figured out that it was shortly after I started using the doTERRA supplements. I use Lifelong Vitality Pack to support healthy cellular function, to promote healthy joint function and to receive systemic benefits of vitality & wellness. I use Bone Nutrient Complex to support healthy bones. And I use DDR Prime to protect my body’s cells from oxidative stress. Since taking these as part of my daily routine, my knees feel better than they have in years and I’m still dancing every day!