Team Member Story: Tami Thomas

My journey with doTERRA started a little over 4 years ago. I sat in a living room just like you wondering how these oils and products could possibly support my husband’s occasional joint and muscle soreness that he endured from a work related incident along with the stress of losing his job that was causing him to feel nervous and anxious. 

Within days of using Deep Blue Rub, Deep Blue Roll-on and Wintergreen he was able to do every day things like laundry, dishes and taking care of our three little children because the oils were able to support his cartilage and joint function while giving him a soothing comfort.  I was pretty excited when he was able to get his joint and muscle soreness under control now I needed support on how to help with his feelings of stress.

When he started the Lifelong Vitality Pack, which consists of a vitamin and mineral, omegas and essential fatty oils and an antioxidant supplement to support normal cell growth, he started to feel alive and happy again.  He was able to go out into society and function like a normal human being.  Serenity and Balance blends were always with him in a spray bottle just in case he started having anxious or nervous feelings.  He would mist it into his face and take a long, deep breath and smile.  I thank doTERRA and Mother Earth every day for giving us these amazing gifts and for bringing my husband back to me.