Team Member Story: Aprell Foster

Aprell Foster

I started using doTERRA essential oils after Suzy Howard, introduced them to me, about 2 1/2 years ago. Suzy and I were in a scrapbooking class and I always saw her passing around little vials to the ladies that were “power surging”.  I asked her what it was one day and she said Peppermint, it helps support the body’s hormonal imbalances.  Anyway, I finally told Suzy that I would host a party. I really didn’t know much about essential oils, but as I listened to the class she was teaching, I heard her say how using Lifelong Vitality saved her life, by helping her get her out of bed, by supporting her body’s muscular and skeletal systems.  I was curious, as I had been experiencing similar issues.   I enrolled that night as I thought, “Can’t hurt”.

It wasn’t until I went to my first class a couple weeks after that, one taught by Marty Harger. That I was “sold”, on doTERRA.  Marty had held up a bottle of Marjoram and she said this is great for helping to support the body’s function.  Marty passed the Marjoram around and told us that all it takes is one drop, and to go ahead and try it if we would like.  By this time, I was in so much pain, from sitting for the last 20 minutes, that I was ready to go stand at the back of the room.   For fear of being embarrassed, I continued to sit.  Well I tried that ONE drop, and it wasn’t until the class was over, (I would say another 30 minutes or so), that I realized that the severe pain I had in my back was bearable.  I have had 3 major back surgeries, 2 of those being spinal fusions and nothing had helped. I had turned into a prescription drug dependent person, taking medications, just to get out of bed. This was not working for me.  I have 3 amazing kids that I was homeschooling from my recliner, or my bed.

I started using the oils, and Lifelong Vitality pack with Marjoram as a major help with the occasional aches and pains.  Over the years, I have had to change oils with the changing needs of my body.  The Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex has helped, but only takes the edge off the.  Birch is now a life saver, and I wish I could get more than just at convention.

I have since then, had to have another surgery for my condition that was caused from the multiple surgeries I have to endure.   I am on a new journey.  A journey that includes Life Long Vitality, Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex, and daily applications of doTERRA essential oils.