Temporary Team Member Placement

Best to Get it in Writing to Avoid Misunderstanding Later?

If you are seeking a team member’s agreement regarding your plans to someday move a Wholesale Customer you Enrolled FROM their team TO a different team if that Customer upgrades to a Wellness Advocate, you may want to take a look at this idea to keep communication clear.

The attached agreement was created by Silver team leader, Suzy Howard, to help clarify the possible future move of a Wholesale Customer placed under a Wellness Advocate temporarily.  The Enroller would present this agreement to the WA prior to placing the WC on their team. As outlined in the letter, this encourages all parties to understand the intention of the placement – which may be permanent or temporary should the WC decide to build their own doTERRA business.  If you have questions about the purpose of this document, please see your upline team leader or contact the Hargers.

Note: this agreement is not a binding legal agreement – but more of a letter of intention between two parties.  Seek legal counsel if you believe you want a more binding arrangement.

Wholesale Customer Placement Agreement Concept 101116