Empowered Success System for Builders

Understand How doTERRA Can Empower YOU to Succeed!

doTERRA has created some wonderful FREE tools to help us share the oils more effectively and build LASTING teams!  Jim Harger created this multi-part series of webinars to introduce you to the features of each step in the process of LIVE – SHARE – BUILD along with other tools and resources for success.  This program replaces past “systems” of training (Edge Success, Share Success, etc) that have now all been combined into this great new series you can find at https://www.doterra.com/US/en/empowered-success.   Jim’s training helps you see HOW and WHY to use each piece. This makes a GREAT training for your teammates who are getting started as well!

Download a FREE copy of each piece on the doterra.com site that you can use for online presentations or emails. Then order the inexpensive, printed copies for handouts right on your Virtual Office with a regular ordering process.  You’ll also find all kinds of additional training material on the doTERRA site. So take a look at these short orientation webinars and then get your plans in place to get started today!


Training & Duplication System Overview

Step 1:  Healthy Can Be Simple booklet

doTERRA HEALTHY CAN BE SIMPLE Booklet: As the first piece in the Empowered Success System, this informative and easy to read booklet is designed to be given along with a sample of one or two of the many doTERRA products. It is very cost effective way to educate others on the health benefits of doTERRA essential oils, and expose them to the basics of use. Those with interest can then be invited to your next class. (10 minutes)


Step 2: Natural Solutions for Classes, 1:1 or Presentation Online

This tool is specifically designed to introduce others to essential oils, doTERRA’s CPTG process, to educate them on how to use the oils and enroll them as a member.  Listen to Presidential Diamond, Jennifer Eddings present.  Here is a transcribed script you can use to begin creating your OWN version of this great overview.

SCRIPT: NaturalSolutionsClass-YouTube Script – Jessica Iddings 2017


Step 3: Live the doTERRA Lifestyle Overview

doTERRA LIVE: Jim Harger presents the LIVE Guide – a wonderful piece to help new teammates learn about the wellness lifestyle and accompanying doTERRA products, the Lifelong Vitalty Pack, Loyalty Reward Program details and importance. This piece is designed to give people specific choices for THEIR health and family and is packed with recipes, ideas and more. (40 minutes)


Step 4: Share doTERRA Hosting Overview

doTERRA SHARE: Jim Harger reviews the important features and uses of the doTERRA SHARE Guide to help you set up your new team leaders for success.  It is the perfect way to help filter out levels of interest in building. As a type of “soft launch” it allows people to host an event and get a sense of what they will be doing going forward.  Hosting events as we know is THE way to get oils in and around people to give them a doTERRA experience.  It is available to share with your team members, use for training and give to new team builders who want to share the oils! (40 minutes)


Step 5: Build doTERRA Business Overview

In this overview webinar, Jim explains this simple tool to introduce the doTERRA business opportunity and compensation plan.  This piece really helps people DISCOVER where they want to go with doTERRA. They will learn who doTERRA is, gain inspiration, and help guide their own commitment to their level of business-building interest.  (25 minutes)