Healthy From the Inside Out – 30 Day Cleanse

Join  Blue Diamond, Marty Harger to learn how and why specific doTERRA products can be effective in supporting a healthy digestive and immune function in the body. Help your body and environment cleanse and restore for a healthier and stronger you! 45 minute webinar. Recorded 010515.

For those teaching this class, scroll down in this post for scripts, handouts and more!

Webinar handout


Here are a few tools you may want to use to present & teach the Healthy From the Inside Out cleanse protocol.

Original “compliant” Powerpoint: 032316 COMPLIANT Healthy_from_the_Inside_Out_Powerpoint

Script from another doTERRA resource you can use: Cleanse2017-Script

Team Cleanse Program in case you want others to join you! TeamCleanse-CleanseSlate2017

A Powerpoint chart you can edit yourself if you choose: 032316 CHART Healthy_from_the_Inside_Out_Powerpoint