Build with Builders (Part 2)


Welcome to PART 2 OF 3.  The webinars in this series include a 12-segments that were created from information taught by doTERRA Double Presidential Diamonds, Allyse and Patrick Sedivy, during our spring 2017 visit to their hotel & training center outside Prague, in the Czech Republic. The 5 members of our team who attended this training (Bettina Moench, Stephanie Richins, Marge Bowen, Jim Harger and Marty Harger) developed this series to share ideas on BUILDING WITH BUILDERS (vs building with product users).   This ADVANCED TRAINING will be most appropriate to those at the rank of Elite or above who have at least 50 people in their organization.  We suggest you take one segment at a time (posted here as Week 5, Week 6, etc) and create a training plan for yourself. That way you can digest the material and really put it to good use!


Week 5: Structuring Your Team with Placements


Week 6: 10 Steps to an Effective 3-Way Call

WEEK 6 DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: WEEK 6 – Script for 10 Steps to an Effective 3-Way Call


Week 7: 30-Day New Builder Strategy & 6 Weeks to Elite

WEEK 7 DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD: WEEK 7 – 6 Weeks to Elite discussion points


Week 8:  Weekly Success Schedule