Take A Quick Tour with Us Blue Diamond Jim Harger shares a 40-minute introduction created specifically for team members new to doTERRA who want to learn more about the company, how to order, resources for learning and more. Recorded 082316.Read More →

Fun Team-Building Idea to Learn About Oils We’ve started a weekly doTERRA team gathering at our home, called the Soup & Study Series.  Our focus each Thursday in October is on Creating Emotional Oil Blends using recipes/formulations in the book “I Am Fabulous” by Desiree Mangandog.  Take a look atRead More →

Diffuser Drop Off and the Great Brownie Give-Away Strategies Marty Harger shares information (beginning 9 minutes into the recording) on how to create connection with strangers and to share an oils experience with businesses and their employees using the Petal Diffuser. Password = DiamondRead More →

Consider the KEY CHAIN STRATEGY Discover how a simple doTERRA key chain can provide a variety of cost-effective strategies to grow your business by increasing class & teaching opportunities.  The focus of the training begins at 14 minutes into the recording. Password = DiamondRead More →