Leader’s Circle Advanced Training (Part 4 of 4)

21-Week Series for those SILVER AND ABOVE

Part 4 of 4

The webinars posted in this section of our website are part of a cross-line training program called Leaders Circle. It is full of advanced concepts and was offered by the Hargers as a trial training program to some of our teammates in 2016.  Participants loved the 21-week trial program and found SO MUCH VALUE in its content, that we have decided to share it here.

The Leaders Circle is a successful approach used by many doTERRA teams for their Silver and above leaders. It was designed to teach the fundamental thinking, actions and duplication steps required to create a growing and thriving doTERRA organization of the highest levels.  Each webinar is password protected as the top doTERRA leaders who put this together, asked that it NOT be shared with the general public – but only to those in the Leaders Circle programs.

There are many reasons why Leaders Circle was designed to be offered to a select group of teammates who collaborate and learn together over the course of 1/2 of a year.  The program includes a weekly webinar created by top Presidential and Blue Diamonds in the company, regular ZOOM calls, a special Facebook page, a weekly tracking and reporting component and prizes awarded at the end.

We are not offering a team-wide training using the Leaders Circle right now, so we wanted to provide this great info so you can learn at your own pace, or form a Circle within your own team!

Below are the 16  – 21 to complete the series of webinars for you to watch. If you’d like to track your weekly progress on the assignments provided, click on the link below to download a form you can use to hold yourself accountable to the activities that create leaders and team growth.

WEEKLY TRACKING FORM: Personal Leader Circle Tracker (generic)

NOTE: Some of the content in this program may seem a bit overwhelming to understand if you haven’t reached the rank of Silver and above – but worth viewing regardless if you are interested.  These are GREAT topics for group discussion after viewing!



16 – Belief and Vision

Blue Diamond leader, Kirk Hamilton reviews a fundamental activity that every one of us needs to learn-do-teach to grow our business. An important message…30 minutes.


17 – How to Host an Online Party

Double Presidential Diamond, Hayley Hobson knows a thing or two about building a phenomenal doTERRA team online. Listen to this information-packed recording about how you can grow your team, online.


18 – The Art of Finding Builders

Presidential Diamond, Kyle Kirchbaum shares some fantastic ideas and action steps you can take to add top shelf leaders to your organization.


19 – Placements

Blue Diamond, Molly Dayton put together a great review of key placement concepts. Most of the placement advice here is good, EXCEPT Wholesale Customers MUST go under a WA not another WC…so they could end up on someone’s front line. Plus, we no longer have the 90-Day Premier Move. But overall, GREAT info!


20 – Branding Yourself

Double Presidential Diamond, Allyse Sedivy is a MASTER at branding. Learn how to create a statement to describe what you offer new teammates and builders using the Worksheet Tool provided. This is an EXCELLENT exercise!  20 – Branding Yourself Worksheet


21 – Last Week Success

Presidential Diamond, Brianne Hovey, encourages Leaders Circle participants to stick with the weekly activities that will build their business, as the program concludes.