Power of 3 Simplified!

Are You Ready to Earn?

Earning your $1500 Power of 3 can CHANGE YOUR WORLD!  But what does it take to get there? Like anything in your doTERRA business, it is important to keep track of your efforts and to know EXACTLY where you will put your new enrollments to fill out this Loyalty Reward Program based structural bonus each month.

Here is a 10 minute webinar,  where Marty Harger highlights the basic concepts of the Power of 3 team bonus. Learn how building 3 legs in your team can help you earn a significant return on your investment in  your doTERRA products and business building efforts.


Start Planning with These Great Forms

Here are a few options you can print out and fill in to create your Power of 3 Team Bonus intentions.  Have questions? Contact your upline leader or doTERRA’s New Business Advancement Team at 801-370-2140

Power of 3 Simple Form

Power of 3 Detailed Calculation Worksheet


Do you understand the fastest route to $1,500 a month?

Take a look at this illustration below, of how many team members you need on the LRP program in all the right spots if they ONLY purchase 100pv a month vs 150pv a month. Something to think about as you share doTERRA. What products of value would help their family and how could their earning the Power of 3 help them pay for their oils?