Sleep and Well Being – Convention 2016 Presentation Recap

Sleep is a FAR more important aspect to our health and well being than most of us understood. In this 36-minute webinar, Marty Harger provides a summary of the presentations given by Russell Foster and Nicole Stevens at the doTERRA ONE Convention. Also presented are details about the new Serenity supplement and the new Serenity Restful Blend from doTERRA. If you would like a handout for teaching a class on SLEEP….scroll down this post!

Watch Russell Foster’s wonderful talk about Why Do We Sleep?

Marty Harger created this overview about our body’s need for sleep, and how our physical and emotional health is impacted by lack of sleep.  In this class handout you’ll also see ideas to discuss doTERRA Serenity Restful Blend and Serenity Restful Complex Softgel, as well as the Emotional Aromatherapy oils and Touch kit.

Sleep, Mood & Your Health Handout

091516 SLEEP Presentation highlights Russell Foster and Nicole Stevens