Reference Book Suggestions

Choose What Works for You!

It is critical to empower yourself with a quality reference book you can have at home to look up suggested oils approaches as needed.  Over the years, you may find your fascinating with oils grows, as will your library!  Here are just a few of the books we suggest —-most all of which are available at or or at and some at your local library for FREE to borrow!



Modern Essentials  – A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils

I’ve “grown up” in doTERRA using this helpful textbook and still find it to be THE most helpful and easy-to-use reference book that ties to the doTERRA essential oils.  AromaTools has produced this book for years, with updates issued each year in September at the annual doTERRA convention.  There are discounts for quantity purchases available at  In my opinion, this is a “must have” for any doTERRA essential oil user.

Note: Modern Essentials is also available in a shortened version as an App you can download, as well as in paperback spiral bind. Available in multiple languages as well.


Modern Essentials LIVING

What a fantastic tool for those who enjoy learning RECIPES for Do-It-Yourself approaches to healthy food, household products and gifting.  Makes a fun “welcome” gift for new teammates. Affordable, colorful with easy-to-follow and well-tested recipes.  Available at a discount for bulk purchases via the authors at



The Essential Life

Total Wellness Publishing created this beautiful coffee-table textbook, The Essential Life, for doTERRA essential oil users.  You’ll find everything from history, science, blending, techniques, individual oils information plus more health-specific approaches and DIY ideas than you can imagine!  This is a book that will provide endless ideas and learning.


An encyclopedia of oils, blends and applications

This is one of my favorite paperbacks that has quite a few suggestions for physical health-related issues that are usually hard to find in other reference books. This is a book I “grew up with” in doTERRA and it continues to get better and better with each year’s edition!  It is lightweight and also available from the authors at as an e-book for your phone or laptop! Written by a highly experienced oil using family with extensive scientific research, this one is a “must have” in my opinion!



Emotions & Essential Oils

EVERYONE needs this book in their essential oil reference library!  In Emotions & Essential Oils you will uniquely discover the emotional “profile” of each individual oil and blend in the doTERRA collection. Drawn to a particular oil today? Take a look at the message being sent your way, and the emotions that oil can help you address with aromatic, topical or internal use.  Sold separately is a companion wheel outlining specific emotions and oils suggestions. This book was written by the team at Enlighten Alternative Healing LLC.

I Am Fabulous – Blends for Emotional Well Being

Author Desiree Mangandog created this beautiful (color it in!) book filled with essential oil blends you can create to address a number of emotional challenges.  Although many recipes include a longer list of oils than you may be accustomed to using – give this a try!  So many great tips and ideas in this book, plus a fun basis for a blending class series we’ve created (see Business Builders webinar and class handouts).






Creating Monthly Workshops Introducing doTERRA Essential Oils

This book was co-authored by our IN2Oils teammates – Marty Harger, Jane Bloom, Deidra Schaub and Stephanie Smith and published in 2014 with an updated version in 2018.  It has been a HUGE hit in doTERRA worldwide – used by essential-oil-loving-yogis, instructors and studio owners to bring doTERRA to the yoga community.

The EssentialYoga Program is the definitive source you’ve been waiting for – created by yoga and doTERRA business experts who have put it to the test and taken it to the mat, with big results!

This book is ideal for all levels of yoga enthusiasts, yoga instructors, studio owners and doTERRA team leaders. It was written and created by four doTERRA Wellness Advocates with backgrounds in many aspects of natural health, yoga and business.

This step-by-step buide gives you real “how to” tips, pricing, marketing ideas and business secrets to feature 12 themed monthly workshops that will bring a new and exciting dimension to your studio or practice.

It’s packed with ideas you can use to get started with your EssentialYoga Program today!

  • Proven approach to creating unique yoga workshops incorporating doTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils
  • Beautiful, 106-page guidebook featuring full-color photography depicting oils application
  • Elevate the energetic vibration of your practice or studio with The EssentialYoga Program workshop series!
  • FDA-compliant language featuring essential oil blend brand names through licensing agreement with doTERRA International.

The EssentialYoga Program book gives you:

  • Hundreds of ideas to successfully and immediately launch a complete EssentialYoga Program in your practice, studio, center or community
  • 12 diverse monthly workshops with specific doTERRA essential oil suggestions sure to generate “buzz” among your yoga students and fellow practitioners
  • Valuable insights on essential oil history, safe use, product quality and the “doTERRA difference”
  • Simple ideas to get started quickly so you can use the oils in classes every day
  • Purchasing options, class cost planning information, educational scripts, marketing ideas and more
  • Specific ideas on to share doTERRA within the yoga community to earn income that supports the practice and lifestyle you desire

You’ll find yourself turning to different chapters of The EssentialYoga Program book again and again for ideas and suggestions! Visit or click here to order today!

$24.95 (sales tax and shipping charges extra)